About Us

Florence A. Johnson

Over-Flo Missions: Meaning


Over: My mother-in-law always talked about her blessings were overflowing. Her blessing flowed like water and never stopped. 

Every day that she lived , she saw that as an opportunity to help someone.  Ranging from encouragind words, donations of food or clothing, to sheltering other, her "Flo" was infallible.   

Psalm 23:5  You honor me by anointing my head with oil.  My cup overflows with blessings. 

Flo: My mother-in-law’s name.  (‘Flo’rence A. Johnson) 

Missions: iThe work we do for God, serving  his people 



On April 8, 2007, Florence Johnson passed away (my mother-in-law). Before she passed, her dream was to open a restaurant. My mother-in-law loved to cook, especially for other people. Food always brought her  joy  and allowed her to spread it amongst others. Flo' rence had just gotten  her restaurant license 2006 and was excited to open Antigiua Delight." her very own restaurant. 

Unfortunately, given her passing, she was not able to fulfill her dream. During her eulogy so many people talked about how she loved to serve and help others. Seeing the passion "Flo" had for other, I founded Over-Flo Missions as a way of "carrying on her touch" by doing God's work.

On July 25th 2013, I  went to Madison and 15th Avenue  in Phoenix- I remembered standing in the midst of so many homeless people and just thanking God that He placed me where I needed to be at that time. As I watched the people sitting around talking and eating, a gentleman stood out of the crowd and started singing. I never heard this song, “I Could Only Imagine” and tears started to flow. At that moment, I knew what i WANTED to do. 

Who are we?


Over-Flo Missions is a faith based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are built on Biblical principles: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

Over-Flo Missions’ purpose is to be a community organization supporting individuals and families re-establish their life. We provide meals, water, personal hygiene packages, and other resources that help individuals and families during their temporary situation. 

We also support other organizations by assisting and helping them prepare and serve meals. Working TOGETHER we can eliminate out homelessness one person at a time.


Our purpose is to bring awareness to hunger and homelessness.  This is our way of advocating and being a voice for those in need.  Awareness + Advocating = Action. Hunger can take your voice: Be a voice of power and help!



To empower and rebuild the lives of homeless individuals and families with food insecurities by providing  healthy meals, supportive services and other basic essentials that will  bring hope to their  circumstances.


Our vision is to stop hunger and homeless one person at a time.  To bring awareness and to be an advocate to those in unfortunate circumstances.